Nifty McNiftington (boffo) wrote,
Nifty McNiftington

The Propaganda Show

It's amazing how few people recognize that the Daily Show is just as much propaganda as Glenn Beck.

Sure, John Stewart is funnier. But both shows have the same point: To evoke an emotional response in order to make you stop thinking. To make you forget that people who disagree with you are real life humans with thoughts and reasons for believing the things they do. And to convince you that the only reason someone could possibly be on the other side is because they're stupid, cartoonishly evil, or both.

And before you point out that Jon Stewart occasionally criticizes Democrats, I'll remind you that it's generally for not being liberal enough. Glenn Beck often criticizes Republicans for not being conservative enough. So what's the difference?

There is one difference: Beck is at least honest about his biases. While Stewart pretends to be non-partisan and above politics while pushing his partisan political agenda.

Anyway, this is a reminder that, whichever side you're on, watching propaganda can only decrease your understanding of an issue.
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