Nifty McNiftington (boffo) wrote,
Nifty McNiftington

Happy Lie to Your Friends Day

So far, I haven't noticed any annoying fake posts on my friends list, with the exception of Stuff White People Like claiming it was bought by Target. This is yet another reason I'm glad I had the foresight to assemble a group of awesome friends, as awesome people don't feel the need to participate in this stupidity.

Now, I'm a very silly person, so some of you may be surprised that I'm anti-April Fools Day. In fact, I used to be all for it. But after a few pranks gone horribly awry that led to all sorts of hurt feelings, it finally dawned on me that nothing good could come of lying to your friends and loved ones for the sole purpose of being able to say, "Ha ha, I just abused your trust! That's what you get for thinking I care enough about you to respect you and your feelings! Sucker!" But lots of bad can come of it.
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