Nifty McNiftington (boffo) wrote,
Nifty McNiftington

Salon Movie Critic Loses His Shit

See if you can guess what this article is talking about with these quotes:
"rich, lambent color comes from within, as if the movie itself is ablaze with its own crazy sense of purpose. (Or as if someone just off-screen were burning a cross on the lawn.)"

"a work of creepy, half-hilarious master-race propaganda almost worthy of Leni Riefenstahl"

"Now, the fact that [the director and screenwriter] locate this golden age between 1969 and 1973 might seem at first like a ludicrous joke, if you are old enough (as I am) to halfway remember those years... the year the Vietnam War ended and the Watergate hearings began. You could hardly pick a period in post-Civil War American history more plagued by chaos and division and general insanity (well, OK -- you could pick right now)... (The words "Vietnam" and "Nixon" are never uttered.)"

"like Glenn Beck's sentimental Christmas yarn: The real America has been here all along, and we can get it back. If we just believe in -- well, in something unspecified but probably pretty scary."

"it's legitimate to wonder exactly what Christian-friendly and "middle-American" inspirational values are being conveyed here, or whether they're just providing cover for some fairly ordinary right-wing ideology and xenophobia."

"posed as emblems of American ingenuity and power against the villainous, swarthy and vaguely terrorist-flavored [antagonist]"

"a big, handsome MacGuffin, symbolic window dressing for a quasi-inspirational fantasia of American whiteness and power."
Can you guess what sinister evil movie he's talking about? Perhaps some right-wing propaganda documentary? Maybe something Sarah Palin or some sort of Christian group put out?

Nope. It's Secretariat. A generic feel-good movie about a horse.

Note that there's nothing whatsoever about race or politics in the movie. Which the reviewer takes as proof that not only is it secretly racist and political, but some sort of bizarre conspiracy to feed xenophobia to the American public.

He's actually claiming that winning a horse race is the same as burning a cross, and a movie that doesn't focus on racial tension is the same as Nazi propaganda. He's offended that a movie based on a true story is set when the real events occurred and accurately portrays the race, gender, and wealth of the real person it's based on.

That's pretty silly.

By the way, I have zero interest in this movie. I don't care about horse racing or the story of a rich overdog triumphing through the luck of owning an exceptionally powerful animal. But a sensible reviewer would be panning this movie for being lame, predictable, generic, and just a remake of The Blind Side that replaces a person with a horse, rather than insisting it's part of some imagined right-wing conspiracy.
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